Steering Committee Announcement



Dear Salem Academy and College faculty and staff members,

Building on the significant strategy work completed by the Academy and College last year, we are now embarking on our next stage: a strategic planning process to clarify Salem’s long-term vision and determine key strategic directions that will guide us well into our 250th year and beyond. This year is the perfect time to imagine our future, become stronger, and build on our deeply held core values.

Given the importance of a process that is inclusive, transparent, and efficient, we are announcing the formation of a Steering Committee to guide the overall process and to keep it on track. The committee is made up of faculty, staff, administrators, and trustees. The membership list is appended below. Dara Folan, who will be chair of the Board of Trustees as of July 1, has graciously agreed to be chair of the steering committee. The role of the Committee is to ensure that the process is well communicated, to seek input from all Salem stakeholder groups, to engage representatives from each stakeholder group in generating strategic options, and to assist the Board of Trustees and the President in framing future strategic directions.

In the next few weeks, with support from Salem’s administrative staff, the Steering Committee will post the overall process with activities on our website. The process will be updated as we move through the various steps which will include:


  • Interviews, focus groups, and surveys to solicit any additional data not captured by the Academy and College strategic planning committees
  • Analysis of our internal data to further define our strengths, challenges, and opportunities
  • An environmental scan to better understand the potential impact of current and emerging trends as well as lessons learned from other institutions
  • A strategy session that includes representation from each stakeholder group


Our goal is to complete this process by June 2018. The final plan will be used to inform our annual operating plans and become the framework for deploying our resources. We not only welcome your input, we depend on it. We are confident that we have selected the best approach for this significant project, and we encourage everyone to participate enthusiastically and thoughtfully in helping to shape a compelling future for Salem Academy and College.



Sincerely yours,


Sallie Craig Huber

Chair of the Board of Trustees


Lorraine Sterritt




The Steering Committee

  • Dara Folan, Board of Trustees, Chair of the Steering Committee
  • Lorraine Sterritt, President of Salem Academy and College
  • Diana Blanchard, Director of Board Relations
  • Duane Davis, Board of Trustees
  • Lossie Freeman, Board of Trustees
  • Ed Jones, Director of Communications and Public Relations
  • Alan Mueller, Assistant Dean of Students for Student Activities, Leadership, and Intercultural Education
  • Betsy Overton, Department Chair and History Teacher at the Academy
  • Lauren Rogers, Dean of Students at the Academy
  • Katherine Knapp Watts, Vice President for Enrollment, Financial Aid, and Communications
  • Janet Zehr, Associate Professor of English