First message from the board chair and president to the salem community



Dear members of the Salem community:

As we look forward to our 250th anniversary and beyond, we are embarking on a journey to create a clear, bold, and compelling vision for Salem Academy and College that will lead to the rolling out of our next Strategic Plan. 

As you are aware, educational institutions are experiencing profound challenges arising from changes in the economy and changes in student demographics. While remaining true to our mission and our values, we must adapt to these changing conditions and boldly transform them into new opportunities.

Working together, we will create and implement a Strategic Plan that will ensure that Salem Academy and College remains a forward-thinking academic institution for educating girls and women, an institution that addresses the needs of the students of today while anticipating those of the students of tomorrow

The Strategic Planning Committee, which includes trustees, faculty members, and administrators, has begun framing this process and will meet with the Board of Trustees next month in order to launch the next steps and discuss concrete planning for the future. 

This is a critically important time in Salem’s history, and we will need the help and support of our entire community. Along the way, we will have to gather the resources that will make this vision a reality.

We will provide regular updates on the Strategic Plan as we continue to shape Salem’s future. We look forward to involving you in this crucial next phase of Salem’s journey. Salem has always been a destination for extraordinary women, and the best is yet to come. 


Very sincerely yours,


Sallie Craig Huber

Chair of the Board of Trustees



D. E. Lorraine Sterritt​